No More DUMB Democrats – Please

Never, never vote for a republican – EVER – PERIOD

No more Dumb Democrats PLEASE

In a “Letters to the Editor” in our local newspaper a letter writer made the statement that while the letter writer was a Democrat the letter writer always voted for the person who the letter writer thought would do the best job or was best for the position being voted on whether that person was Democrat or a republican.

I nearly fell out of my chair I was so angry! How, I wondered, how could any thinking, self-respecting, knowledgeable Democrat be so DUMB as to EVER vote for a republican??  Of course, the answer was obvious almost instantly: this was NOT a knowledgeable Democrat and this person considered them self far too smart for their own good. In addition, the letter writer displayed one of the great weaknesses of Democrats: the letter writer was trying to be fair on all fronts. Won’t work folks and in fact this is why we fail as Democrats to correctly identify the conservative cancer which is infecting our society and threatening to destroy it from within.

I’ll say it again plainly and then explain why:


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