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Never Vote For a Republican

The reason is that regardless of whether the republican is a decent human being, perhaps a great father/mother, member of the community, neighbor, church going, god fearing wonderful person, when it comes to a vote regarding issues before the elected body which he/she might serve on, that republican will vote the way that the party leadership – in the case of republicans that’s the tea party – tells him/her to. PERIOD.

Some people have tried to tell me that this is not true and that decent republicans have a conscience and will vote on an issue according to their principles. NOT SO IF they want to hold their position after the next election. Vote against the tea party line without their explicit permission and you are gone as a republican lawmaker at the next election. History does not lie and the facts are there for ALL to see.

A major point that you all need to understand here is that ALL – without exception – people who get elected to public office spend the majority of their time and efforts after the election getting ready for the next election so that they can keep their position – get re-elected – PERIOD. This is the major task on the elected’s agenda. If you don’t understand this simple fact then you are dumber than a fence post and you should have your voting credentials revoked. There is NO honor or task above getting re-elected for an office holder.

The problem with Democrats is that mostly we are fair minded, logical people who think (way too much) about the issues and try to identify the best course of action that will benefit the majority of the people including ourselves. Not so with a republican/conservative mindset. Theirs is the “I’ve got mine, screw you” attitude and the “How can I make a personal profit out of this problem”. Don’t laugh, its the truth and you know it and they know it even though the majority of them won’t admit it.

As for running for office as a republican/conservative, these days you are beholding to the tea party even if they don’t give you a red cent. The reason is that IF you per chance get elected, you are now under their tent and IF you don’t tow the tea party line, you get “primaried” during the next election cycle. What that means is that the tea party will field their own republican/conservative candidate to defeat you in the primary and fund and support him/her. Your job is gone and you is history – PERIOD.

What seems to confuse a lot of people is that the Democrats used to do this sort of thing in the past back when there was some truth to the republican theme “GOP-Government Of The People”. People seem to remember that part but forget that today, the Democrats are the real Government Of the People party and that the republicans are now the party of the WRICH (wealthy + rich), exclusively. Thirty years ago and earlier, all the way back to the Civil War, the two parties ideology was reversed. It’s simple history and its all there for you to checkout for yourself.

One day there will be a reckoning with the American people when they really begin to understand what has happened. Then we will see the tea party either self destruct – probably not since they are so well funded – begin to move to the center of American political thought – again, based on their wrich benefactors, probably not – or they will become something else, say the Democratic Tea Party, funded by billionaires and dedicated to the proposition that all wrich people are created to have and keep all the money or some other such nonsense.